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Under the aegis of the Fondation de France

The Arkwood Foundation was born of the desire of Arkwood’s partners and associates to make a collective commitment to philanthropy.

The firm’s professionals are united around their business project and realize that they are fortunate to work in a supportive and stimulating environment. It is therefore natural that they have chosen to commit to supporting public interest actions in favor of children and youth, with a particular emphasis on integration through sports, art and culture.

For 2023, the Executive Committee has renewed its commitment to the five associations supported in 2022 and has extended the Foundation’s support to a sixth association. The foundation thus affirms its renewed ambition to support projects that facilitate the integration of children and young adults through sport, art or culture; or that attempt to lighten the daily lives of sick children, their parents and caregivers.

The associations supported in 2023 are:

Welcomed by all with enthusiasm, the Arkwood Foundation aims to reach out beyond the practice and unite all those of goodwill who wish to commit themselves to the dissemination of values and actions that will strengthen the ability of all to live together.

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