Fields of expertise

Compliance and Declaration

Compliance and Declaration

We assist our clients, French or foreign tax residents, in the context of their reporting obligations in France and in particular:

  • Individual Income tax returns (IR) and real estate wealth tax (IFI) returns
  • Exit-Tax returns for transfers of residence outside France
  • 3% tax returns related to the holding of real estate assets in France through interposed entities
  • 2072 returns for French tax transparent SCI
  • Reporting obligations of Trustees when a settlor/beneficiary is a tax resident of France or when the Trust has French assets
  • Inheritance tax returns

We have developed a strong expertise in regularizing the personal tax situation of clients, particularly with regard to:

  • Holding accounts or real estate located abroad
  • Insufficient values reported under the ISF (Wealh Tax) and/or IFI (Real Estate Wealth Tax)