Fields of expertise

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a strong practice of Arkwood, particularly in a cross-border context.

Our lawyers often advise institutional clients, in particular Luxembourg insurance companies operating under the freedom to provide services in France, in the context of “hotlines” or during specific assignments dealing with the following points:

  • The development of new financial products for the French market or investment vehicles for their own clients
  • Tailor-made structures for their clients
  • French reporting and tax obligations or French aspects of European obligations : DAC 6
  • Tax and reputation audits

We also assist individuals wishing to integrate life insurance into their estate planning, particularly in an international context or in a mobility context. Our clients seek our assistance for:

  • Development of asset strategies integrating life insurance: co-subscription, dismemberment of beneficiary clauses, etc.)
  • Adaptation of strategies in the event of international mobility
  • Management of life insurance policies in an international context, comparison with tax treaties