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French–US Strategies

French–US Strategies

Arkwood stands as one of the foremost players possessing deep expertise in dealing with cross-border complex matters between France and the United States.

Individuals with family ties or wealth in both jurisdictions have to understand the complex tax issues involved as well as their reporting obligations in both countries, in particular when their strategies involved Trusts.

Our lawyers combine their technical expertise and practical experience in order to provide our clients with tailor-made advices about tax and estate strategies, in coordination with our American correspondents (lawyers or accountants), or the advisors of our clients.

In particular, we frequently assist our clients with:

  • The settlement in France of Americans under the favourable provisions of the Franco-American tax treaty
  • The departure of the French citizen to the United States: support in all stages of the project, with a view to implementing before departure the strategy to secure advantageous tax treatment in both countries of income and assets
  • The estate planning for French residents with children qualifying as US persons, including the assessment of the impacts deriving from gifts of assets with a retention of life-tenancy by the donor
  • The French tax treatment of estate strategies involving trusts set up by US persons for the benefit of children residing in France
  • The investment in French real estate by US persons and the investment of US real estate by French residents
  • The assistance for the filing and regularization of tax returns in particular for the Americans “by accident” living in France