Fields of expertise

Tax audit and Litigation

Tax audit and Litigation

We assist our individuals and corporate clients in all their relations with tax authorities. Our expertise allows us to better understand the risks faced by our clients and to adapt the litigation strategy and the defense of their interests.

  • Upstream, risk identification and management: risk analysis of the file and assistance in answering to requests from tax authorities
  • During the tax audit: representation of our clients throughout the procedure and development of a strategy to preserve their rights and reach the best result. Negotiations with tax authorities and referral to the relevant committees and interlocutors
  • If necessary, recourse to litigation procedures: development of a litigation strategy and implementation of the necessary procedures, including the supreme courts. The procedures may concern the calculation of taxes but also the contestation of tax laws
  • Management of recovery procedures: implementation of payment suspension and payment plans. Challenging forced recovery measures by tax authorities and procedures for the accelerated settlement of claims by the Public Treasury

The firm has developed a competence in litigation for all taxes, duties, and contributions.

We occasionally proposed to take charge of tax refund procedures identified as undue, for a fee strictly related to the results obtained.

In a context of strengthening tax procedures, we have developed particular expertise in assistance of our clients during tax raid:

  • Assistance during the implementation of the raid, to garantee the respect of our clients’ rights
  • Criminal proceedings for tax offences: assistance in the investigation, up to the criminal hearing