Fields of expertise

Entrepreneurs and family groups

Entrepreneurs and family groups

Entrepreneurship is part of Arkwood’s DNA. We act as advisor of choice for entrepreneurs and/or family groups at all stages of their development. Our team delivers to the clients its expertise to ensure the best transmission of the business to future generations or to organise the sale under the best conditions

The firm also assists entrepreneurs and family groups in structuring and deploying their philanthropic approach

The lawyers of the firm assist their entrepreneur clients in the following aspects:

  • The structuring of professional assets (choice of structures; opportunity of a holding company; management of favorable tax regimes…)
  • The choice and implementation of incentive plans for key executives
  • Pre-sale reorganization in line with the seller’s objectives and advice on reinvestment strategies: deferred capital gains tax mechanisms, transfer to future generations, financing of philanthropic activity…
  • Business transfer within a family group: Dutreil pact; split of ownership…
  • Governance management in family groups deriving from several generations in order to enhance shareholders cohesion

Based on the longstanding relationships we develop with our clients, we become their trusted advisor, and our advises always international dimension is always integrated in our advises