Fields of expertise

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

We advise our clients and assist them on a day-to-day basis in their wealth management issues and estate planning, including:

  • Anticipated transfer of wealth by gifts and life insurance
  • Support for family groups with the use of the Dutreil pact
  • Coordination on civil aspects: protection of the surviving spouse and assistance in the drafting of wills and the choice of applicable law, support for underage and vulnerable adults, estate planning for step families
  • Implementation of cross-generational estate planning strategies: gradual, residual and cross-generational gifts
  • Support for international families in the estate planning strategies, including planning of the overall tax burden in multiple jurisdictions and assessment of the local constraints: the split of property between usufruct and bare ownership is not necessarily effective for some non-residents
  • Planning through Trusts and life insurance

Thanks to the close relationships we develop with our clients, we act as their trusted advisor on all matters relating to their wealth management. When applicable, international dimension is always integrated in our advises.